Urban Electric lighting

The Perfect Match

A behind the scenes peek at what happened when UECo.’s Michael Amato teamed up with color expert Eve Ashcraft to create a new signature collection of 10 exclusive colors.

When it came to creating the 10 shades in our new Signature Color line, UECo. Creative Director, Michael Amato, enlisted the expertise of his longtime friend, colleague and fellow color obsessive Eve Ashcraft, who was all too happy to put her decades of experience to use for the cause. The resulting collaboration spanned months of meticulous research and development, plus countless phone calls, video chats, emails and inspiration boards shared back and forth across the Atlantic, from Michael’s flat in London to Eve’s studio in upstate New York, and back again.

“If you’re going to stay awake all night obsessing over details, push each other to create this common visual language, pour all of your attention into creating the perfect shades that work perfectly on each fixture and finish—and take into account the type of bulb, whether there’s backlighting, all the intricacies that make these colors work for these lights—there’s no such thing as ‘almost,’” Eve says, reflecting on their creative process. “There was never a moment where we said, ‘Well, this is as good as it gets.’ And certainly no one who was on the receiving end of our palette did either. If it didn’t work on a technical level, or support the aesthetic and materials of the lights, we started over. In every way, each color had to be perfect. Nothing less would do.”

Given their outsized commitment to realizing a next-level set of truly customized colors, it seems only fitting to kick off the launch with a bit of behind the scenes insight from the masterminds themselves. Over two days earlier this summer, we recorded the duo in conversation as they reflected on their shared inspirations, early hits and misses and the nearly telepathic way they can channel each other’s thoughts, even when communicating from a continent away.

“It appears simple on the face of it,” Michael says, of the process of homing in on the ideal shade of olive, say, or enlivening an already beloved brand of blue, “but nothing is ever that way, especially not for us. Eve and I looked at colors I loved but felt hadn’t yet been perfected—because we weren’t trying to improve upon something that already existed; we wanted to focus on the colors that were still ‘becoming.’ The rust that wasn’t quite right, or the curry yellow that needed an extra dash of bitter. It’s deeper this way, and harder, but Eve is a history buff and impossible to please—like me!—so it worked to everyone’s benefit in the end.”